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... the perfect curve of the Brunelleschi Dome in Florence...
... Marcello Mastroianni’s look hidden behind his dark sunglasses in «La Dolce Vita»...
... the Stunning Ca’ d’Oro arabesques in Venice...
... the timeless musicality of Dante’s sonnets...
... the refined uniqueness of Benvenuto Cellini’s chisel...

Vendorafa’s handcrafted jewellery creations are conceived, created and designed with a one-of-a-kind Italian heart and soul.


who we are

Vendorafa Lombardi was founded in Valenza in 1951 as a jewelry and gold manufacturer. The production process, which has always aimed at a high definition of technological quality, the synergetic organization of its structure and its modern management are still today strongly tied to the tradition and craftsman’s handiwork of Valenza, Italy.

Professionalism and years of experience allow Vendorafa Lombardi to not only produce and distribute its own jewelry collections but to plan and create exclusive lines for big international brands, with exports totaling about 80 percent of the company’s production.

extraordinary craftmanship

Manual workings, such as hammering, engraving and embossing have always characterized Vendorafa Lombardi's jewelry; working the surface of the metal entirely by hand enchances the material value of the gold, its light and its aesthetic warmth.

XXI Triennale - Milan 2016

Vogue Gioiello Italy

Museo Poldi Pezzoli


SEPTEMBER 23-27, 2017


VENDORAFA Lombardi srl

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Valenza (AL) • ITALY

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Clud degli orafi

Responsible Jewellery Councill